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MYCELIUM - Gavin Parkinson + Dominic Shepherd

Date: 15 March - 21 April 2010


MYCELIUM refers to mycelia: fungal strands that grow in the dark, spreading and thriving in the unseen. The largest and most ancient organism is a mycelial mat. The visible ‘mushroom’, is the fruiting body of mycelium, appearing time and time again in Shepherd’s work. Gavin Parkinson, author and Lecturer at the Courtauld Institute, London, and Dominic Shepherd, artist and Associate Lecturer at the Arts University College at Bournemouth, both share an interest New Physics, Surrealism, Borgesism and the poetic forms of verbalizing and visualizing the metaphysical, all of which will form the core part this exhibition.

text+work presents Dominic Shepherd’s recent body of paintings, created within and informed by his isolated location, surrounded by woodland, and by Parkinson’s two texts: a theoretical piece and an original metafictional piece. The paintings and the written pieces aim to encourage critical reflection and discourse; artist and writer, observer and observed.


Dominic Shepherd

Dominic Shepherd, artist, completed his MA in Fine Art, Painting, at Chelsea College of Art and Design in 1995. He left London post millennium to live in relative isolation in woods in Dorset. He has exhibited widely in museums, public and private galleries, both nationally and internationally.

His work is held in major private collections worldwide. Exhibitions in 2009 included a solo show at Galerie Schuster Berlin; The Future Can Wait, London; New London School Berlin; Pulse Miami. He is exhibiting currently in Territories Galerie Schuster Miami and Demonology CHARLIE SMITH london, as well as working towards a solo exhibition at CHARLIE SMITH london, whom he is represented by, for 2010.

Awards include Oppenheim-John Downes Award, 1999 and 2000; in 2004, he exhibited at and was a prize-winner in the John Moores 23. In 2007, he was awarded a research fellowship by the Arts University College at Bournemouth where he is currently an Associate Lecturer and Active Researcher, being instrumental in the formation of the Natural Culture Cultural Nature research group.

Dr. Gavin Parkinson

Gavin Parkinson was educated at the University of Manchester (BA 1996) under the tutelage of David Lomas and subsequently completed his MA (1997) and Ph.D. (2000) under the supervision of Christopher Green at The Courtauld Institute. He lectured at the University of Oxford (2004-07) before joining The Courtauld as Lecturer in 2008.

Gavin Parkinson is Lecturer in European Modernism at The Courtauld Institute of Art. He lectures and writes on European art and visual culture of the twentieth century, and has had a special interest in the connection between art and science in French art, 1900-1939. His two books are Surrealism, Art and Modern Science: Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, Epistemology (Yale University Press, 2008) and The Duchamp Book (Tate Publishing, 2008). His latest writing is concerned with the interpretation of modernism by mainly French writers from the 1950s to the present day, turned towards a discussion of linguistics and the development of the writing of art history.

MYCELIUM Publication

The accompaying essay is priced at £5.00. To purchase a copy please contact The Gallery Office on 01202 363272 or e-mail gallery@aucb.ac.uk. We ask for all cheques to be made payable to the Arts University College at Bournemouth on receipt of payment the publication will be dispatched. Please ensure that we have your full postal address.

Publication Launch and Exhibition Event: Tuesday 23 March 2010, 4.30pm

Gavin Parkinson and Dominic Shepherd will be in conversation to discuss their shared interests, the motivations behind their respective pieces and their collaboration on Tuesday 23 March from 4.30.

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