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...in the footsteps of Henry Taunt - Curated by Graham Diprose and Jeff Robins

Date: 29 September – 17 October 2008


‘...In the footsteps of Henry Taunt’ offers a prestigious exhibition opportunity that brings together historical and contemporary photographs of the River Thames; many of these fascinating images have never been displayed before and will be new to the public eye.

HENRY TAUNT’S RIVER THAMES Henry Taunt was one of Victorian England’s most prolific photographers. His maps and guides, illustrated by beautiful photographs of the Thames, played a major role in developing the Victorian’s love of the river and its related activities including rowing, camping and steamer trips. Books such as ‘Three Men in a Boat’ or ‘The Wind in the Willows’ might never have been written, or certainly would not have achieved such popularity, were it not for his albums, postcards, lectures and detailed and enthusiastic descriptions of the Thames from its Cotswold source to London.



Graham Diprose is Lead Tutor in Photography in the School of Graphic Design at the London College of Communication, the largest college in The University of the Arts, London. Having spent many years as an advertising photographer, he now works with undergraduate and postgraduate students developing skills in all areas of applied and experimental digital and craft photography.

He worked with two colleagues and the Museum of London to remake a ten mile panorama of both banks of the River Thames from London Bridge to Greenwich that mirrored an original commissioned by the Port of London Authority in 1937. It was exhibited in City Hall in the centre of London in 2004 and more recently at the River and Rowing Museum in autumn 2005. A 180 page book of the project 'London's Riverscape-Lost & Found' sold it's entire 5000 copy print run and a new book 'London's Changing Riverscape' is being produced for the PLA Centenary next March.


Jeff Robins is a professional photographer with extensive experience of working in the advertising and marketing domain and as a lecturer and consultant to the profession, on digital imaging.

His clients have included Nationwide Building Society, British Telecom, Hasbro and Bernard Matthews, along with various design, marketing and advertising agencies. A strong interest in computer technology made it easier for Jeff to embrace the new digital imaging techniques as they developed. Today Jeff teaches alongside Graham on postgraduate courses in digital image-making at the University and is Course Director of a very intensive ‘Launch your Career in Photography’ course, run by Artscom, in the college’s professional training area. Jeff is currently working with Graham Diprose on the production of a new photographic text book for Thames and Hudson, which is due to be published in 2011.

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