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Edge - MA Show - Postgraduate Students

Date: 5 September - 12 September 2008


The recently established MA Course at the Arts Institute at Bournemouth, is this year showcased in the Gallery, transforming the space for two weeks in September as the graduating students prepare to launch their careers as practicing artists.

Titled EDGE, the MA Show represents the culmination of an intensive period of study which has brought together 18 individuals from across the globe and encompasses Animation, Fine Art, Costume, and Photography pathways, anticipating a varied and exciting exhibition.

The exhibiting artists include Jonathan Baggaley, Kat Connelly, Sarah Gregory, Vick Kumar Shibdoyal, Berit Haltvik, Charlene Haywood, Caroline Koener, Sarah Lever, Azad Mohamed, Laura Rouse, Melville Shields-Probett, Amer Shomali, Don Short, Andrew Stacey, Rafael Tondi Grazini, Nele Van Haegenberg, Lisa Von Hallwyl, and Jane Wadams.

Berit Haltvik: “Much of my work evolves around replacement of functions in costume by introducing elements that we normally associate with something else. By this I want to challenge the standard perspective of the spectator. Things are not always what they seem at first glance, and I hope this can engage, surprise and amuse.”

Jonathan Baggaley: “By appropriating images and artefacts from his past Jonathan engages with psychoanalytic theory to promote a reflection on the nature of photographic representation and the ways it can be used to reinterpret and question family.”

Kat Connelly: “My work to date has been concerned with the exploration of the boundaries in which costume is contained. Challenging the accepted format of costume and light - while presenting the audience with an engaging piece of performance.”

Lisa Von Hallwyl: “I'm a Fashion Designer exploring Costume and fine art, Searching for the answer, Where do I place myself?”

Melville Shields-Probett: "Maps as an artistic theme allow a broad interpretation that includes ideas of journeys, territory, human geography and psycho-geography. My work uses the semiotic power of maps to make ironic commentary on everyday life."

Sarah Gregory: “September 4, 2050. Touch down on an island in the northern hemisphere. Hot sun. Darwin and I find ourselves in a red landscape, litter underfoot. We take up fragments but cannot piece together anything useful. So throw them down in disgust. A good day. Nothing in the air.”

Nele Van Haegenberg: (A proposed television series "The Layer" ) "A whole old world opens, one you had long forgotten about."

Andrew Stacey: Psychic Bridging (YouTube) 28 minutes 48 seconds Under license of the (B.P.B.S.) British Psychic Bridging Society. 27 New Street, Opton Acres, Newcastle. Psychic Bridging is 4th dimensional mind time travel. In association with the British Psychic travel bureau.

Amer Shomali: "Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live." [Norman Cousins.]

Vick Kumar Shibdoyal: "What a man can be, he must be" [Abraham Maslow.]

Rafael Tondi Grazini: “The windows are used two ways, the mirrors just one. Never jump out of a window, never go through the mirror.”

Azad Mohamed: "I am originally coming from a 2D animation background and moved on to CG animation. I started to learn CG animation especially for this film and now it has become my favourite tool."


  • Azad Mohamed City, 2008 Animation
  • Lisa Von Hallwyl In Between places, 2008
  • Jonathan Baggaley Family Business, (detail), 2008, Mixed media, including wooden furniture, projector, cine film, photographs, paper and rubber
  • Don Short Pod, 2008 Part of the series Past Futures Digital collage on photographic paper

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