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INTO THE LIGHT - Peter Bonnell + Julie Marsh

Date: 10 December 2007 - 25 January 2008


In her video works The Sportsman (2004), full circle (2006) and Livin’Thing (2007) Julie Marsh examines the various ways in which ordinary people spend their leisure time. Often using a camera mounted on a tripod that revolves in a smooth and unblinking 360-degree sweep, her works focus on re-creating a very definite sense of place and atmosphere. For example, The Sportsman, filmed in a city-centre Birmingham pub successfully immerses the viewer in the sights and sounds of a real and touchable environment. As the 8-minute film unfolds we become familiar with a host of characters that frequent the pub, all too briefly living vicariously through the lives we see on screen. However, Marsh’s work is also concerned with how the viewer interacts with the filmed image, and the phenomenological aspects of the viewer within an installed space.

INTO THE LIGHT marks a subtle departure in Marsh’s work. Rather than her usual focus on human subjects, INTO THE LIGHT features moths flitting from one light source to another. As one light is switched off the moths are attracted to another and appear to pass through the camera lens and by extension virtually through the viewer.

INTO THE LIGHT continues Marsh’s experiments in placing the viewer within her work; it is a multi-channel video work that suggests a very personal and spiritual experience that is indicative of the kinetic movement that is inherent in all of Marsh’s video works.

Recent projects and exhibitions by Julie Marsh during 2006 and 2007 include: a solo exhibition, full circle, in the main gallery, Phoenix Gallery, Brighton, which was supported by research funding from the Arts Institute at Bournemouth; Re-view, a film based group exhibition exploring the term ‘landscape’ at the Study Gallery, Poole, and Re-view 2, a select group exhibition which then traveled to The Lighthouse, Poole. Julie has also exhibited as part of MEETING PLACE: Contemporary Art and the Museum Collection at the Russell Cotes Art Gallery & Museum and text+work, Bournemouth. Julie Marsh is a Senior Lecturer in Lens Based Media at the Arts Institute at Bournemouth.

Peter Bonnell + Julie Marsh

Peter Bonnell Curator, Exhibitions and Education ArtSway

Peter Bonnell was born near Liverpool in 1973, and is Curator of Exhibitions and Education at ArtSway in the New Forest. He completed a BA in Fine Art at Liverpool John Moores University in 1995, and in 1996 began a three-year drawing fellowship as part of the Drawlab project based at St. Helens College.

In 1998 Bonnell won first prize at the St. Helens Open with his painting Teflon Don, judged by Antony Gormley, and he has exhibited widely across the North West of England. In 1999 he was accepted on the MFA program at the University of Arkansas in the United States, taking up a scholarship as a graduate teaching assistant teaching basic art and design and upper-level drawing classes.

He graduated from the U of A in 2002 as part of the class of 2003, with an MFA in painting, with a minor in photography. On leaving the US, Bonnell was accepted on the MA Curating Contemporary Art at the Royal College of Art, graduating in 2004 as co-curator of This much is certain, exhibiting works by artists including Dexter Dalwood and Jeremy Deller. Whilst in the US Bonnell was the co-ordinator of the Anne Kittrell Gallery in Fayetteville, Arkansas. On graduating from the RCA, and taking up his post at ArtSway, Bonnell has curated numerous exhibitions including: sugar-coated; Aggregate by Jamie Shovlin; the screening programme Multichannel (with Helen Sloan of SCAN) and was co-curator (with Mark Segal) of New Forest Pavilion at the 2007 Venice Biennial.

Julie Marsh Senior Lecturer, Lens Based Media the Arts Institute at Bournemouth.

Julie Marsh is a video artist / film-maker, using video installation and sound to explore the phenomenon of sense perception as a language of the body. This leads to work that is highly engaging, taking into account the relationship between viewer and the specific place where the works are shown. Her installation work pushes the boundaries of traditional two-dimensional video by dragging her imagery into the three dimensional gallery space, involving the viewer within the environment depicted in her work. Julie Marsh is an effective observer of ordinary people, her camera is never critical or judgemental; the artist does not offer a documentary view, but rather a candid representation of lives simply being led.

Julie Marsh graduated from Exeter School of Art and Design in 2001, and completed her Masters Degree at Birmingham Institute of Art and Design in 2002. Next to her theoretical and practical research, she is currently a Senior Lecturer at the Arts Institute at Bournemouth. Recent exhibitions and projects include: Re-view: exploration of the term landscape at the Lighthouse, Poole, in 2007.

She received research funding from the Arts Institute at Bournemouth for the development of an exhibition full-circle in the main gallery at Phoenix, Brighton in 2006. In 2005 she was the winner of ArtSway’s annual Open competition and was awarded a solo show. In May 2005 she undertook a three month VIVID haus guest research residency in film and video on the hothaus programme.

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