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A SHORT GRAND TOUR - Professor Simon Olding + Jim Hunter

Date: 5 February Ė 9 March 2007


As part of the concept of text + work, Jim Hunter (work/artist) has collaborated with, Professor Simon Olding (text/writer) on the exhibition, A SHORT GRAND TOUR. Professor Simon Olding, writes about Jimís work and the time he spent in Venice.

"In Jim Hunterís Venice studies he explores the potential of watercolour and its meaning within the context of contemporary practice. He responds to the historical and cultural heritage of Venice and he raises a number of questions on the role of the artist and parallels with earlier artists in the landscape Ďtraditioní: questions of pictorial and cultural representation, appropriation, topographical portrayal and Romantic ideals."

text + work is delighted by the response we have received nationally from our last touring show, we hope to continue to promote our concept by touring A SHORT GRAND TOUR. The Gallery and our text + work exhibitions to date have been well received by the national press and the general public.

a short grand tour

"I have always used watercolours. I like the medium for its simplicity and its purity, and for the directness of response that it encourages in the act of painting. I like the fluidity of the medium and its contrariness. The paint draws lines and floods areas; it bleeds and runs, creates its own shapes and resists being contained. The colour is clean and clear and mixes to infinite nuances of shade.

"The immediacy of the medium allows for intuitive and inventive interaction between the artist, the subject and the act of painting. It allows no room for an ironic distance between the artistís hand and eye and the resultant artwork. What you get to see in the work is the direct and (largely) unedited response of the artist, mediated only through the simplest of materials and methods. At least, this is how I work.

"Throughout my career I have worked directly from the landscape, working outdoors in watercolour and with whatever else was at hand. I do not know what I am looking for in this engagement with landscape. It is certainly not to do with a concern for topography or geography, local interest or views. I think that it is to do with the concerns of painting: light, colour, form and the physical experience of these along with a sense of space and distance."

Jim Hunter, December 2006

Supported by Research Committee, The Arts Institute at Bournemouth.


For futher information on booking A SHORT GRAND TOUR please contact Violet McClean, Gallery Officer Tel 01202 363351/vmcclean@aib.ac.uk


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