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text + work = ‘work’ - Steve Dutton + Steve Swindells

Date: 6 February - 24 March 2006


The artists have previously described their work as the site where different parts of their worlds have been pulled together to suggest new autonomies. Nevertheless, a continuing inquiry, a foundation of the work, concerns the idea of work itself: that is, in terms of cultural production, what constitutes ‘work’ and where is that work to be found? On many levels, these are critical questions, not least because they seek to address, amongst other things, the status of work in relation to that which is deemed to be not-work, be it idleness, nothing, leisure or, in this case, text.

For text + work, the central premise of the gallery is taken at face value by focusing on the relationships, interdependencies and divisions between so-called ‘text’ and so-called ‘work’. The similarities and tensions between adjacent ‘texts’ and ‘works’ are rendered into one another, merging work, labour and information. The space is a reflection on its own production, its own excess.

The installation for text + work takes the form of a meta-collage, appropriating images, texts and signs, which disturb and play in, and with, a space of cultural production: in this instance the artist’s ‘studio’ (in the broadest sense). The material strategies range from vinyl text works, drawings and prints to photographs and video (animation) which will be site-conditional within the text + work gallery.

Steve Dutton + Steve Swindells December 2005

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