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Hanging Garden - James Barron + Eric Butcher

Date: 5 December 2005 – 27 January 2006


The work in this show is an attempt at the selective articulation of the surfaces of aluminium structures through the use of paint and resin. It has been made through a process governed by specific rules. A thin transparent monochrome is spread across the surface of the aluminium and then stripped off, using a blade drawn across the surface. This procedure is then repeated, slowly building up an accumulation of residues.

The outcome is determined largely by the physical characteristics of the support; the imperfections of the metal surface, the burr of its edge; the shifts in the consistency of the paint/resin mix, or the build up along the edge of the blade as it strips the surface bare. Each tiny imperfection is amplified by the process of stripping, leaving a ridge of denser colour to register its presence; a ‘register of failure’ if you will. The finished piece is an accumulation of what I have learnt about that particular piece of metal through successive applications and subtractions.

In installation the surfaces project dramatically from the wall or floor, the transitions between surfaces being fundamental creative considerations, as important as how the painted surface has been achieved. The space around the painted surface is engaged, incorporating it into the work, creating a physical rather than pictorial presence. Through thin veils of translucent pigment the aluminium reflects light. Consequently the surface responds dynamically to changes in lighting conditions and the movement of the viewer, demanding active interaction.

Eric Butcher 2005


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