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The Trouble with People - LEO + Dr. Axel Lapp

Date: 17 October – 25 November 2005


Much of LEO’s work is derived from notions of attraction and repulsion, the beautiful contrasted with the brutal. He works with a broad variety of media, including video, sculpture installation, text, photography and painting, choosing the approach in response to the subject and environment he is working with.

Electric Chair was inspired by images that featured on a news broadcast of home-made torture appliances, using elements from electric kettles, irons and electric drills. He is unsure of the specifics relating to his source, yet it is the image of this DIY basement torture chamber that remains. The piece consists of two broken chairs and one roughly repaired chair, with added shelves housing potatoes. The potatoes are linked by copper cables, which terminate at the armrests and a ‘head set’. The chair legs and arms bear straps for the purpose of restraint. The potential brutality of the chair is challenged by the potato being the method of generating electricity, the shock treatment would be more attuned to some kind of new age health treatment!

‘The Trouble With People’ is an ongoing series of what LEO terms ‘drawings’. These 'drawings' comprise either pressed flowers or twigs, coupled with brief texts. Each piece is titled ‘The Trouble With People, No. – ‘.The texts are either general complaints against humanity or specific to/against the artist. There is something crass and lazy about the texts, but this is contrasted by the simplicity and familiarity of the object. The work exudes both futility and optimism.

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