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Stubborn Material - Amanda Hopkins + Tansy Spinks (Curated by Sian Bonnell)

Date: 07 March - 21 April 2005


In association with TRACE. TRACE is an artist led not-for-profit initiative based in Weymouth. Begun in 1999, it was set up to promote projects and events that combine new visual work, writing and sound. Since 2002 talks and seminars have been held for each TRACE exhibition, given by invited curators and writers from national galleries and museums including the V&A, the Photographers Gallery in London, and Ffotogallery in Cardiff. More recently TRACE has begun publishing artists' books for the Nexus series of shows which commenced in Autumn 2003. Several TRACE curated exhibitions are scheduled for public venues in the UK and internationally over 2005 – 2008.

TRACE was invited to participate in the ‘text + work’ series. This exhibition brings together the writer Amanda Hopkinson and the photographer Tansy Spinks. The title ‘Stubborn Material’ is taken from a diary entry by Franz Kafka: "Almost impossible to sleep; plagued by dreams as if they were being scratched on me, on a stubborn material". Tansy’s work employs the use of objects, especially the everyday object; these ‘things’ are closely scrutinised, removed from all context and are often assigned a position in a system of arbitrary lists in an almost scientific categorisation. This has most recently extended to a collaboration with her daughters Francesca and Josie in the recent work ‘Dressing Up’, ‘Sweet & Sour’ and ‘In Disguise’.


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