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Here Lies/White Trash - Dr. Malcolm Quinn + Kieran Crowder

Date: 29 November 2004 – 21 January 2005


Here Lies is a large scale, multi-disciplinary art installation, incorporating painting, photography, text, music, sound, and behavioral rules.

The heart of Here Lies is a series of abstract paintings, referred to by the artist as wall sculptures. Elaborate, complex surfaces, aim to draw the viewer into a relation with the architectural space that the paintings establish.

Here Lies is governed by a perception of the relationship between art and people, its public. The artist’s principal themes aspire to be both intimate and universal; history, memory and desire; the lived experience of time itself. The work does not aim to be ‘about’ these concepts, but attempts to manifest them in the real world, with form and function as one, objectifying themes in a dynamic, emotional, and physical relationship with the audience.

Here Lies proposes that this mode of contact is the profoundest and most complete form of audience participation, achievable. Not only does it encourage a mixture of wonderment and uncertainty, the goal of Here lies is to transform, by recalling the vision of life which is felt by the individual to be precious and transcendent.

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