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The Art & Craft of Photography - (Curated by Jim Campbell & Geoff Drury)

Date: 16 March - 8 April 2004


An Exhibition of work by the Arts Institute at Bournemouth Alumni which looks at Critical Photography within Professional Practice.

“The photographic tradition of the Arts Institute at Bournemouth is in keeping with the notion that conceptually-driven photographers benefit from an education that allows them access to the world of creative commercial photography as well as fine art discourse.

This exhibition addresses a perennial criticism of arts education – that it fails to provide the kind of training necessary to equip graduates with a sound professional grounding in practice, and that their critical outlook or intellectual experiment has no place in a commercial world.

In fact, the more liaison to take place between industry and education, the clearer the picture becomes, and thus, fresh ideas are generated by student photographers which helps keep the industry vital and creatively focused. There are, of course, difficulties in making the transition from education to industry, but this is true of any fiercely competitive field.

It is refreshing to know that although the industry has suffered a financial downturn in recent years, many commentators are optimistic about the future fortunes of professional photographers based on an editorial return to quality image making. In this sense, both the critical focus, the new ideas crucial to gaining success in such a market, and the technique necessary to communicate these ideas constitute the finished product exemplified here by photographers who have built on their experience at the Institute to become successful exponents, in various genres, of the art and craft of photography”.

Jim Campbell 2004

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