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Four Quartet Series - David Miller + Ian McKeever

Date: 11 November - 4 December 2003


text+work Launch and the official opening of the new gallery space following its recent refurbishment and extension.

A selection of paintings and etchings from Four Quartets Series by internationally acclaimed artist, Ian McKeever, is exhibited for the launch of text+work. Four Quartet Series was exhibited in the Horsens Kunstmuseum, Denmark, in 2002. Ian has been actively involved in the redefining of the Gallery’s mission and has been instrumental in the development of its progressive new policy.

David Miller is a writer whose work encompasses poetry, short fiction and essays. It is the former for which he has received most recognition and the prose that he has written in response to Ian’s paintings represents the text element of this first exhibition under the new concept of text+work.

Ian McKeever, who was awarded an Honorary Fellowship by the Arts Institute in 2002, is proud to be one half of the pair involved in the launch of the new concept, stating: “…the concept of text+work is extremely exciting because it has so much potential – its strength is that it is still open to interpretation and it will continue to evolve with input from those who visit the gallery, either in person at the Wallisdown campus or virtually, through the website.”

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