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GOLDBERG VARIATIONS by Bach - Performed by David Wright on Harpsichord

Date: Friday 14 November 2008

Exhibition Type: A Music Event (Performance)

The Arts Institute at Bournemouth is pleased to be able to host its first Music Event in association with text+work. This event is in aid of the Arts Institute at Bournemouth Charitable Foundation.

The Goldberg Variations by Bach, performed by David Wright on harpsichord, will mark the first occasion that the transferable concept text+work will support a Music Event.

The Gallery and its underlying concept, text+work, already stimulates interest in creative practice within and beyond the Arts Institute at Bournemouth's academic community, and the development of Institute House and the addition of a performance hall for recitals allows the Arts Institute to extend the text+work concept to both music and performance.

text+work was originated to make more enduring the Gallery's exhibitions and performances. Ideas and commentary generated in words interact with those rooted in images or music. They form a critical discourse which can add measurably to the overall experience and record of events. The text by Terry Barfoot on JS Bach’s Goldberg Variations is an example of this and complementary to the performance of this great work by David Wright on harpsichord.

The Arts Institute at Bournemouth is one of a small number of specialist providers of teaching, learning and scholarship in creative arts. It is pleased to extend its contribution to public provision through performances, and, in association with the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra’s contemporary music ensemble Kokora, will host a number of concerts in 2009.

text+work and the Arts Institute at Bournemouth received support from numerous sponsors, including Dorset Business, Liz Lean PR, enterprise pavilion - the Arts Institute at Bournemouth, the Print Room and Westbeach, Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra and Kokora, ArtSway, Floren Gallery, and The Study Gallery of Modern Art, Poole.

The Arts Institute at Bournemouth Charitable Foundation

The Foundation exists to support the improvement and enhancement of resources to benefit our students; the fund is used exclusively to support our student body and it is sourced through direct payments, gift aid, covenants and legacies.

We are immensely grateful to the generous donations from benefactors to date: alumni, past tutors, honorary fellows, parents and other individuals who have given their support. The Institute and its students thank those who have contributed; your support is much valued.

The Institute wishes to acknowledge the generosity of the late Jean Hunnisett, Honorary Fellow of the Institute, for her endowment to Costume Design. We are also pleased to administer a memorial fund for Harriet Craigs, a student of Film, tragically killed in 2002; a prize by Anne Corkett, a former member of the academic staff; a Bursary in Cinematography on behalf of the Ossie Morris Foundation; and most recently, the Nigel Beale Award in Fashion Design.

To those who wish to contribute we welcome your support and ask that you contact: e-mail: finance@aib.ac.uk or telephone 01202 363214 for further details about donating to the Charitable Foundation.

Goldberg Variations - Publication

Goldberg Variations, David Wright on Harpsichord at the Arts Institute at Bournemouth, is published by text+work. This event and publication is in aid of the Arts Institute at Bournemouth Charitable Foundation and in association with text+work.

Friday 14 November 2008


"Bach's supreme achievement was as a master of counterpoint, the simultaneous presentation of different musical lines. His ability to create complex webs of musical texture in strongly articulated fashion has remained unparalleled. His North German Protestant religion was the root of all his art, allied to a tireless industry in the pursuit of every kind of refinement of his skill and technique. Although some of the forms in which he wrote - the church cantata, for example - were outdated before he died, he poured into them all the resources of his genius so that they have outlived most other examples. As a composer of instrumental music Bach was ever willing to experiment, well beyond the possibilities offered by his own virtuosity as an organist and harpsichordist."

Terry Barfoot- Goldberg Variations - Publication

Please note in addition to the above publication, the Goldberg Variations Concert Programme is for sale at £5.00

All funds raised go to the Arts Institutes at Bournemouth's Charitable Foundation.

Please contact: The Gallery Office by telephone 01202 363351 or e-mail: gallery@aib.ac.uk

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