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Big Paintings - Jim Hunter + Frank Bowling

Date: 4 February 8 March 2008

Exhibition Type: Collaboration

Big Paintings

Jim Hunter, Director of the School of Art at the Arts Institute at Bournemouth and the artist Frank Bowling have worked together to examine the boundaries and critical discourse in the latest text+work exhibition Big Paintings.

Frank Bowling is a painter of stature and importance. His practice is committed to the primacy of the creative act of painting, the pursuit of abstraction and the ideals of modernism. This exhibition is drawn from the paintings produced in the 1980s, when he produced some of his most ambitious and large-scale paintings.

These paintings are full of personal references: to his family and friends; his experiences of life, and death; his childhood home and, his enjoyment and celebration of the senses and the sensual. Seven of these paintings will be on shown here in the gallery. Following this, the exhibition will move to the University of Wolverhampton.

These images are all details of selected paintings

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